How to Make black glutinous rice zongzi
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How to Make black glutinous rice zongzi

  一、Introduction to black glutinous rice zongzi

  The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. Many Chinese families have already started to pack zongzi. There are many kinds of zongzi fillings. Black glutinous rice zongzi is also a favorite taste of zongzi. Here is a complete list of black glutinous rice zongzi.

  二、Prepare the ingredients

  Zong leaves: 70 pieces

  Black rice: 500 g

  Glutinous rice: 500 g

  Ordinary rice: 250 g

  Red dates: 35 pieces

  Raisins: a small handful

  Line: 35

  Small scissors: 1

  三、The practice of black glutinous rice zongzi

  Step 1. After washing the rice, black rice, and glutinous rice, soak it one night in advance


  Step 2. The red dates are bubbled one hour in advance, washed, and dried


  Step 3. Dry the grapes and let them dry


  Step 4. I bought the dried rice dumpling leaves, so I washed it and cooked it one night in advance, and boiled it for about 20 minutes. The water should cover the rice dumpling leaves. After cooking, soak the rice dumpling leaves in clear water. Cut off both ends and leave the water empty


  Step 5. Prepare thread, 6-8 taels of white granulated sugar, 1 pair of small scissors, or leave it alone. Dip sugar or honey when eating


  Step 6. Pour out the water of glutinous rice, black rice, and rice after soaking, put the three kinds of rice in a pot and mix them evenly, and start to make zongzi.


  Step 7. Red dates and raisins can also be placed in the pot. When digging the rice with a spoon, bring a few raisins and 1 red date. You have to use a spoon to compact it because it has been soaked, so cook It won’t rise a lot in the future.


  Step 8. Pack it well and don’t leak the rice. I have a baby at home. I deducted all the red dates, cut 2, and put 2 slices, which is also the amount of 1 red date.


  Step 9. The package is almost like this


  Step 10. Then wrap it with thread. If you have a cotton thread at home, you can use cotton thread.


  Step 11. Wrap it and place it in a pot, pour water, and boil it. The water should not pass the rice dumplings. After the pot is boiled on high heat, turn to low heat and simmer for 2 hours. Turn off the heat and simmer for 2 hours. If conditions permit, you can simmer to 4-5 more. Hours, if there is not much water in the middle, you can add boiled water and continue cooking


  Step 12. After the simmering is done, take it out to dry, put it in the refrigerator and freeze it. Take it out and heat it when you eat it and you can eat

  How to Make black glutinous rice zongzi

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