How to Make Chinese Beef Dumplings with Celery
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How to Make Chinese Beef Dumplings with Celery

  I have long wanted to eat Chinese Beef Dumplings with Celery. I have time today. With celery and a small amount of shiitake mushrooms, the taste is not more delicious. Don’t say anything, let’s get started!

  Difficulty: Normal

  Taste: Spiced

  Cooking method: boil

  Recommended number of meals: 1-2 people

  Preparation time: 10-20 minutes

  Production time: 1-2 hours

  Kitchenware: soup pot

  一、Ingredients preparation

  Beef: 500 g

  Celery: 250 g

  Shiitake mushrooms: three

  Salt: moderate amount

  MSG: moderate amount

  Oyster sauce: moderate amount

  Light soy sauce: moderate amount

  二、The practice of Chinese Beef Dumplings with Celery

  Step 1. Knead the dough first, make it softer, so it’s easy to wrap


  Step 2. Soak the mushrooms


  Step 3. Prepare the pepper water, about a quarter of an hour


  Step 4. First, marinate the beef, pour in pepper water, a small amount of red wine, light soy sauce, oil consumption, five-spice powder, pepper, an appropriate amount of salt, stir clockwise; then add shiitake mushrooms, parsley, and then beat an egg, Stir clockwise


  Step 5. Make the crust when the filling is done, then roll the noodles and number them out.


  Step 6. Wrap it into your favorite dumpling shape.


  Step 7. Boil a pot under water, cook, and serve.

  How to Make Chinese Beef Dumplings with Celery

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