How to Make Old Beijing Spring Cake
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How to Make Old Beijing Spring Cake

  There are a lot of snacks and delicacies in Beijing. Now I will introduce a snack that has the characteristics of Old Beijing to everyone. That is the practice of Old Beijing Spring Cake. Let’s take a look at how to make Old Beijing Spring Cake.

  一、The materials used in Old Beijing Spring Cake

  350 g all-purpose flour, 110 g hot water at 80 degrees, 110 g temperature water, 2 g salt, an appropriate amount of edible oil

  二、How Old Beijing Spring Cake

  Step 1. Add 110 g of flour with 80 degrees hot water and stir evenly with chopsticks, then gradually add normal temperature water, about 110-130 g, while stirring with chopsticks, slowly add water to the dry powder.


  Step 2. Finally, synthesize smooth dough and wake up for 30 minutes. At this time, you can prepare vegetables. I am stir-fried leeks with mung bean sprouts, shredded carrots with green onions, and scrambled eggs with green onions. They are traditional side dishes in old Beijing. You can also stir-fried vermicelli with spinach and shredded potatoes. There is also sauce elbow, which is indispensable. Then prepare the sweet noodle sauce and green onion shreds.


  Step 3. Divide the dough into 8 portions, each about 30-35 g.


  Step 4. Spread edible oil on each dough with a spoon. Pay attention to the periphery of the dough, otherwise, it will not be uncovered when it is cooked.


  Step 5. Snap them together as shown in the figure.


  Step 6. Preheat the cake on medium heat. Flatten the side of the butt with your hands and try to overlap it as much as possible.


  Step 7. Roll it out with a rolling pin.


  Step 8. Put the noodles in the pan.


  Step 9. When there are small bubbles on the surface, you can apply a small amount of oil or leave it alone and turn it over.


  Step 10. Both sides are discolored, and the cake can be uncovered by hand.


  Step 11. The soft spring cakes are baked.


  Step 12. Roll your favorite dish, add shredded green onion and sweet noodle sauce.


  Step 13. Roll it up and eat it, it’s so delicious

  How to Make Old Beijing Spring Cake

  三、Cooking skills of Old Beijing Spring Cake

  1. The cake must be blanched halfway with boiling water. This kind of cake is soft with a certain degree of toughness and has the best taste.

  2. The dough must be greased around with oil.

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