How to Make Steamed Spring Cake
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How to Make Steamed Spring Cake

  I used to make Steamed Spring Cake by myself. This is a lazy way. Steamed Spring Cake is convenient and quick.

  Calories: 238 kcal

  Carbohydrate: 34.50g

  Fat: 9.22g

  Protein: 4.73g

  Cellulose: 0.73g

  Cooking difficulty: easy to get started

  Cooking method: steaming

  Preparation time: 20 minutes

  Cooking time: 40 minutes

  一、Materials for Steamed Spring Cake

  Dumpling wrappers: 20 sheets

  Odorless vegetable oil: moderate amount

  二、Steamed Spring Cake’s approach

  Step 1. Brush thin oil on the chopping board, put a dumpling wrapper (buy a ready-made one), and stack a dumpling wrapper on the wrapper.


  Step 2. Brush each piece, not a lot, and finally, brush around the standing edge.


  Step 3. Then is the most important step, roll out into a big round cake. This requires a bit of skill, patience, and slow rolls, and just use even force not to run off the track. Friends who often make pasta will roll it out in a few clicks. You can turn it over and roll it out to the size of a six-to-seven-inch plate.


  Step 4. Steam on high heat for about 15 minutes. 10 sheets and 20 sheets can be made. Look at the size of your family and food intake. Add more time to a stack of sheets. I have two drawers, each with 15 sheets, about 15 minutes after the water is boiled for reference only.


  Step 5. Tear it off while it is hot, it is not sticky at all and it is easy to peel off.


  Step 6. Roll your favorite dish.


  Step 7. It’s delicious and doesn’t make you angry.

  How to Make Steamed Spring Cake

  Spring cake other practices: Old Beijing Spring Cake

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